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Oz's Bizarre Adventure: Cry Baby :iconanarchywriter:AnarchyWriter 1 2
Oz's Bizarre Adventure Part 2: Speedwagon
Oz woke up in the hospital. He blinked painfully, looking around the room. “Hello?”
“Oz Osborne.” A man in the corner said, he was a tall Japanese man in a long white trench coat. “Forgive me for my English-I'm not too good at it.”
“What do you remember of the last twenty four hours?” The Man asked him.
“What?” Oz sighed, it felt like there was a fog in his head.
“You know why I ask this, don't you?”
“No. Not really.” The man nodded. “Who are you?” Oz asked.
“I am Cujo Jotaro...Sorry, Jotaro Cujo. I'm with the Speedwagon foundation.” Oz raised an eyebrow.
“Isn't that a philanthropist group?”
“Not quite.”
Suddenly, there was an odd sound, like a low siren and a clock ticking down. Nothing happened, Oz looked around and jumped. On his bed was the security camera.
“I apologize.” Jotaro said, “But twenty four hours a
:iconanarchywriter:AnarchyWriter 1 2
Mature content
Hey, You done yet? :iconanarchywriter:AnarchyWriter 0 2
Mature content
Birthday Tag :iconanarchywriter:AnarchyWriter 0 0
Sunrise over the William Brown
Over the emerald sea came the Horizon,
with it's damnable sun.
I alone upon my ship,
cursed the sea and begged for a drip
of water for my throat of stone.
Yet, even then borne of hellish winds were we blown
towards that horzion
The Captain's body hung by me, a leg caught in the line.
My own brother's body lay rotting upon the deck, his hand a foot away from mine.
As now the sun did soar towards the clouds
revealing the horror of ten dead men lacking shrouds.
I raised a peeling head to shield mine eyes
whilst the mad buzzing of a thousand flies
did play as that Sun did rise.
I cursed the Sea, I cursed the Horizon and curse the Sun I did.
By God or Devil did I lay a curse, clutching to my breast my son who died a kid.
Twenty times twenty times has I paced the rotten boards, creaking as I strode
trying against all odds to not gaze upon the ship's dead load.
But even as I tried,
I felt myself in their empty sockets spied.
As the sun did rise upon the sea
upon the ship were none aliv
:iconanarchywriter:AnarchyWriter 0 2
Mature content
Fanfic Fail: Jake T.'s evangelion :iconanarchywriter:AnarchyWriter 2 3
Mature content
Fanfic Fail: For you Sonic, I will :iconanarchywriter:AnarchyWriter 2 24
The Witch Cat
The Cat sat quietly in the open window, it's tail flicking back and forth as it stood, stock still. It's pale brown eyes scanning the two sleeping forms. children; a boy and a girl.
It slowly leapt down onto the floorboards, the parents were sleeping, leaving the babies unprotected. Oh, no matter how long man has dwelt upon the earth, it never seemed to learn. That was what the Cat knew.
It's pads made no sound as it stalked towards the crib, unseen forms shifting beneath the Cat's skin, it had gorged itself on enough spiders and rats, now, it would have sustenance to it's meals-the soul of a child and sweet bread.
With a silent movement it leapt over the bars surrounded the crib, the presence of something on the sheets awoke the girl, and with innocent blue eyes she looked up.
The Cat opened it's mouth.
"What was that?" Garth blinked awake, his wife was sitting up, her face pale. He grunted.
"What?" He murmured, looking at Maria.
"The kids-I thought I heard crying-"
Garth s
:iconanarchywriter:AnarchyWriter 1 13
Mature content
Tricks and Treats :iconanarchywriter:AnarchyWriter 2 29
Grey Knights
The Father looked at his sleeping son's face. All that he needed to get through the day was to see those eyes closed.
But his son wasn't there any more. His armor was heavy.
The knight felt his grip slacken, wether from blood loss or exhaustion, it mattered not. He forced himself to tighten his grip, the muscles shrieking in protest as his hand burned. His shield hung limply by his side, four arrows sprouted from his shoulder and bicep. That arm was beyond use.
He looked around him. The burnt skeleton of the village, the horrible things that were once his friends-but his son...His son was safe, The Priest had taken him. The undead mockeries of those he knew came closer. He could see The Miller slowly lurch forward. He was hunched over and the creature had marked him as an easy meal.
He wasn't all wrong. The Knight realized this from how much effort it took to move. He had been wounded. Badly. He needed to see a Medicine Man-He knew where one had gone! He could still-
The Fat
:iconanarchywriter:AnarchyWriter 2 28
Devil's Roads
The night air was warm, and yet the youth still felt chilled to his bones, He stood there, clutching the pocket watch his father had given him...Two minutes left. Wind began to send gusts of the dusty roads along, however, other than that, the moonlit crossroads were eerily silent. He looked at the center...Yeah, he had did the center. He had measured it and everything. He almost wanted to pray, but on this case, praying was probably the worse thing he could possibly do.
That's when he heard it, whistling. He turned, and there he was. An old friendly looking man with blue black skin, wearing overalls, a denim shirt and work boots walking down the street. “Howdy stranger!” The man said happily.
“Hello.” The youth said, nervous. The man walked over, “So, what are you doing here in the middle of nowhere in, what time is it?”
“Eleven Fifty Nine.” The young man said. The older man nodded.
“Well,  you know the story 'bout folks in cr
:iconanarchywriter:AnarchyWriter 2 6
Mature content
The Cracks In The Walls :iconanarchywriter:AnarchyWriter 0 9
Misadventures on the Happiest Place On Earth by AnarchyWriter Misadventures on the Happiest Place On Earth :iconanarchywriter:AnarchyWriter 0 8 Clowns and Trashcans by AnarchyWriter Clowns and Trashcans :iconanarchywriter:AnarchyWriter 3 11
The Chained Wolf
I thumbed through the files, nothing. Nothing. Nothing. I could swear I heard sniffing, but it was just the papers. I paused, expecting to hear something more, but nothing came.
I quietly slid the drawer shut, wincing at the loud wham it made when it closed. I turned, looking at Corby. The Raven stared at me, lit cigarette hanging from it's beak, “Did you find it?” He asked, his voice muffled as he tried to keep smoking as he spoke.
“No.” I said, my voice beginning to show my irritation.
“Then keep looking.” The bird snapped at me, I sighed, going to the next drawer, nope. Nope. Nothing,
Click. Clack. Click. Clack.
I froze, standing up, my head whipping towards the door, I could hear the sniffing again, louder and louder. Something clawed at the door, I quickly crawled over into the empty body bag, zipping it up as best I could from the inside, and leaning against the steel table, I could hear the clinking of chains being grabbed, the sniffi
:iconanarchywriter:AnarchyWriter 0 0
What The Wife Wants
"No!" She cried, "Don't hurt them!" She always collected the knuckle bones when she was done.
:iconanarchywriter:AnarchyWriter 0 2


[Art Trade] - 'SlenderFather' - [For Cageyshick05] by WhiteStarCyanide [Art Trade] - 'SlenderFather' - [For Cageyshick05] :iconwhitestarcyanide:WhiteStarCyanide 13 10 Bloodborne - Archibald's Manse by OniRuu Bloodborne - Archibald's Manse :icononiruu:OniRuu 55 5 Bloodborne by Yolicho-kihei Bloodborne :iconyolicho-kihei:Yolicho-kihei 50 1 Highwayman Character Concept by chanmeleon Highwayman Character Concept :iconchanmeleon:chanmeleon 319 6 Bloodborne Inspired Creature Design by Jcinc1 Bloodborne Inspired Creature Design :iconjcinc1:Jcinc1 87 1 The Wild Hunt by SaneKyle The Wild Hunt :iconsanekyle:SaneKyle 728 57 Bloodborne: Kidnapper by MenasLG Bloodborne: Kidnapper :iconmenaslg:MenasLG 171 14 Fighting the Cleric Beast by cypritree Fighting the Cleric Beast :iconcypritree:cypritree 329 23 Father Gascoigne by Artsed Father Gascoigne :iconartsed:Artsed 285 7 Blood-starved Beast by Artsed Blood-starved Beast :iconartsed:Artsed 270 15 Witch of Hemwick by Artsed Witch of Hemwick :iconartsed:Artsed 251 14 Fear the Old Blood by DisposableD Fear the Old Blood :icondisposabled:DisposableD 1,352 78 Becoming the Beast by treystimpsonart Becoming the Beast :icontreystimpsonart:treystimpsonart 150 4 Bloodborne Fanart - Weapon ideas by daemonstar Bloodborne Fanart - Weapon ideas :icondaemonstar:daemonstar 793 38 Bloodborne Fanart - Lanternflail weapon idea by daemonstar Bloodborne Fanart - Lanternflail weapon idea :icondaemonstar:daemonstar 832 35 Bloodborne by DanDanDanTheMan Bloodborne :icondandandantheman:DanDanDanTheMan 258 17


Hey, guys. I'm thinking about possibly leaving this site.
It's been a fun ride, but honestly? This place isn't that same wide open creative freedom it once was for me, and I think it might be time to move on.
I don't plan on deleting this page. Have fun, all of you.

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Oz hated planes.
The fact that millions of people died every year in plane crashes, the fact there could be a plane jacking...just, Oz hated planes.
And so as he sat in the plane, Oz was like a deer in the headlights. Okay. Everything was fine. All of his friends were dead, he had somehow killed a physical god and he was going to Hawaii to investigate something.
That was not any less stressful. So, he reached into his pocket, grabbing a canister of melatonin and took several with the last of his ginger ale.
Dr. Lovestrange frowned, biting her lip. She was looking at the new field agent. “How strange...” She murmured. “And he killed Kars, you say...”
“Yes. After he stabbed Kars with the Arrow.” Jotaro said, sitting down and reading an ocean life magazine. He spoke Japanese, and she spoke Hindi but her stand made it so they could understand each other.
“Which, Kars should have easily survived. Have we recovered a body?”
“How do we know he killed Kars?”
“Area 51 inserted a vital tracker into Kar's spine. It's gone, besides, from what I've heard, Kars doesn't seem the guy to leave someone alive.” Dr. Lovestrange nodded in agreement. She sat on the desk, her stand-a Small, baby like green humanoid with two massive frog like eyes was darting around, a long tail that ended in a blue flame traced words in mid-air, like someone was writing in pure light.
“Do we know if he was stabbed with the arrow?”
“He had several marks that might have worked, but we couldn't tell from his glass stab wounds.”
“If that's the case, then his stand could have killed Kars, but the force caused it to revert. Just like Giovanni.” Jotaro suppressed a groan. Giorno Giovanni was the biggest mobster in Italy. They'd clashed a few weeks ago because Giorno and his two right hand men murdered a Florida priest and claimed that they did it to stop him from changing the world to his own image.
They'd let it slide, because Giorno's stand, which had evolved due to the magical arrow had reverted into it's original form.
“What?” Jotaro asked, looking up.
“If he didn't get pierced with the arrow. That leaves two options: One, he had a second stand, which is extremely hard to activate. Which, would pose the question: Why does he not still have it? Second, it could be an evolving Stand, like Koichi's echoes. But that, again poses the question: Why does he not have it?”
“Which means that the most logical one is he got stabbed with the arrows, killed Kars and the stress caused him to devolve.”
“Exactly. So we might have overestimated his power level.”
“No, his stand's still powerful-physically speaking.” Jotaro corrected her. “And fast-it could parry Star Platnium.”
Oz walked out into the scorching Hawaii parking lot. Okay, he was in Hawaii...In the circumstance that seemed the least fun.
“Oz Osbourne...” A voice said behind him. Oz turned, Nowhere Man forming. In front of him was a girl, standing about 5,11 with short black hair. She wore a Cannibal Corpse shirt, jeans and sandals.
“Eeyup. That proves it....So, this is the stand that killed the ultimate life form?”
“Autographs later. Who are you?”
“Loke Kinipela, I'm helping you deal with this.”
“This what?” Loke paused. “Didn't you read the file?”
“I'm not good with planes.” Oz said. “I was sort of freaking out the whole time.” She nodded, as if this was completely normal.
“Come on, let's get in the car. I'm Loke Kinipela.” She offered her hand, Oz shook it. Noticing the horrible scarring on the back of her hand. “I'm supposed to be your partner.”
“It's best that we work together. Our stands work differently, so we might be able to get the drop on someone. Pink's at the motel.”
“You really didn't read the file.” Loke informed him, like he needed to be told that.
“So, you did? Then what happened.”
“Well,” Loke said, her voice shifting into a droning. “Have you ever heard of Sekai No Owari?”
“That an anime?”
“It's a Terrorist Organization. We have reason to believe that one of their operatives are here.”
“Terrorists?” Oz asked, “Isn't this a FBI deal?”
“Do the FBI have stands? You've fought Stands, now imagine fighting them without one...Sitting. Duck.”
“Whgat's their evil terroristsy plot?”
“Their name translates to 'end of the world.'”
“Well, at least they're explicit.” Oz pointed out. Loke grunted. “So, What's your Stand? I assume you know mine?”
“I do. My Stand is named Cry Baby.”
“What's she do?”
“What's that do?”
“Well, aren't we being helpful.” Oz snorted, leaning back when he noticed something. “Why is your car slowing down?”
“I'm not!” Loke said, Oz swore. He looked up above. “What's all that stuff?” Loke leaned forward.
“Looks like someone shot the road.” The Asphalt was littered with small holes, The Car came to a stop and Oz and Loke got out. Loke wandered over to the car hood, opening it and swearing. “Dammit! It looks like swiss cheese!”
The Engine was peppered with the holes, gasoline leaking out, but the hood itself was not touched-not scratched, it was whole! Loke Stepped back. “Cry Baby!”  A humanoid formed behind her, it looked like a woman covered in white leather, save for the face. Two large bright blue eyes that leaked water, water drops slowly forming on her entire body. Suddenly, her phone rang.
“I see you.” Loke paused, turning towards the trees.”
“I take it you're going to kill us?”
Oz stood, ignorant to her phone conversation. “I don't see any-” Suddenly something erupted out of a hole nearby his foot, grabbing his ankle and pulling him towards another one of the holes.
“Nowhere Man!” His stand shot out, a fist slamming into the shape. However, it released the grip on Oz and merely vanished into another hole. Oz staggered back, looking at his ankle and the circular hole in his pants leg. The voice on the phone laughed.
“My Stand, Bucket Head is unbeatable.” They always said that. Loke had already dealt with a dozen unbeatable stands before.
“Alright, it can generate and go through Holes.” Oz guess.
“We need to find the User!” Loke shouted back, looking back and forth. “Cry Baby!” Her stand's eyes bulged almost comically before it began to shudder-two torrents of water blasting at it like a water hose. Oz stared in a mix between confusion and interest, noting how the water seemed to flow into the holes and filled them.
“So, now we wait?” Oz asked, simplest solution to a stand fight.
“Yeah.” The two stood, before suddenly a perfect circular hole appeared in Oz's shoulder. The Stand user shrieked in pain as he fell to his knees while Nowhere Man stand struggled, something large pushing it's way through one of the many holes dotting it's face.
Loke jumped a little at the sound before turning as she saw the figure. It was blue, Humanoid with green shoulders and ribs pressing against it's skin. It's head looked like an inverted Pail with a wide grin on it.
“Baby Face!” She shouted as her stand shot towards it, only for the enemy stand to dive into the hole in Oz's shoulder and vanish as the stand user cried out in pain from the agony.
“It can go through holes...” Loke whispered. Oz slumped against the Car.
“And when it's going in...” He growled, holding his arm. “He's almost like liquid.” Loke nodded, before suddenly, something punched through her cheek. She screamed dropping the phone as she clutched her face. Damn. Oz approached her,
“What ha-”
In an instant, one hand covering her cheek, Loke grabbed him and opened her mouth as wide as she could. Suddenly, something burst from her mouth.
“Nowhere Man!” The Stand's metallic fist smashed into the shape, sending the stand into the air. Oz chuckled, as his stand began to pummel the figure. “Bam! Bam! Bam!” It shriekd with each punch. Loke rose as Cry Baby shot forward, joining in. “Eri! Eri! Eri!” It shrieked before they both finished with a mighty punch to the stand's stomach. With a loud grunt, a figure fell out of the tree. It was a man wearing a pith helmet and a hawaiian shirt. The two approached him. Loke panting and Oz clutching his shoulder.
“Your stand isn't unbeatable.” Loke snarled at him, still clutching her tattered cheek. Nowhere Man grabbed him by the neck, slamming him into a tree.
“Do you work for Sekai No Owari?”
The Man, went pale at those three words, then without warning, his head imploded like a grape that had been stepped on, splattering the two with Viscera and bone flecks. The two stared in shock before backing off.
“His head exploded when he heard the words!” Oz said, somewhat dumbly.
“Are you going to be okay? You're missing a cheek.” Loke nodded.
“We've got a healer at the Motel.”
“That was a neat trick.”
“Thank you.”
Oz's Bizarre Adventure: Cry Baby
Stand name: Cry Baby
User: Loke Kinipela
Destructive Power: C
Speed: B
Range: D
Durability: C
Precision: B
Development: C
Abilities: Stand can produce immense amounts of water (A Gallon every minute) spent crying and either let them trickle or blast with the force of a fire hose, allowing it to easily fill up rooms. However, it is also capable of affecting the moods of those that are touched by the water, such as feeling sad.
Oz woke up in the hospital. He blinked painfully, looking around the room. “Hello?”
“Oz Osborne.” A man in the corner said, he was a tall Japanese man in a long white trench coat. “Forgive me for my English-I'm not too good at it.”
“What do you remember of the last twenty four hours?” The Man asked him.
“What?” Oz sighed, it felt like there was a fog in his head.
“You know why I ask this, don't you?”
“No. Not really.” The man nodded. “Who are you?” Oz asked.
“I am Cujo Jotaro...Sorry, Jotaro Cujo. I'm with the Speedwagon foundation.” Oz raised an eyebrow.
“Isn't that a philanthropist group?”
“Not quite.”
Suddenly, there was an odd sound, like a low siren and a clock ticking down. Nothing happened, Oz looked around and jumped. On his bed was the security camera.
“I apologize.” Jotaro said, “But twenty four hours ago a rogue Speedwagon member named John Elton, a Seattle Clerk named Emcee, a hamon user named Omnia and you interrupted a trade. Area 51 had recovered an ancient being known as Kars and were giving him to us. Or, were. You barged in, woke up Kars and somehow killed him. How?”
“I...I don't...I-No clue.” Jotaro grunted.
“You were the only survivor. The others were butchered.” Oz felt a sinking sensation.
“No! They didn't die!”
“They did. But you didn't. You were missing a kidney, your arm, legs, and several broken bones but you managed to kill him before he killed you.”
“I...I did.” Oz said, agreeing with the man.
“What is your stand power?” Oz froze.
“You know?” He asked, panicking.
“Yes. You have a Stand. Nowhere Man. What does it do?” Oz sat up, unsure how he wasn't in pain and could feel both legs.
“I'm-I'm not telling you.”
“Speedwagon Foundation not only healed you,” Well, that answered one question. “It is the only reason that you are not in prison for treason against the U.S. Choose your words carefully.”
“I'm not telling you.”
“Yare yare daze...” Groaned the Man. Suddenly, a massive giant surged forward, with skin like diamonds and a wild black mane. Oz let out a shriek as the fist, studded with small round objects stopped an inch from his face. His stand, a slender metallic figure with a face full of holes gripped the wrist tightly. The two spirits struggled briefly before Jotaro called his off. “Nowhere Man. Pretty strong too.”
Oz sighed, “You've never made friends before, have you?”
“Not really.”
Oz tried to feign shock. Jotaro ignored it. “If you don't tell me your stand, you will be arrested and thrown in a maximum security prison that has never heard of the Miranda Rights.”
“Geneva Convention Dumbass!”  Jotaro merely gave Oz that same dead, lifeless stare. Oz sighed.
“Fine. Uncle. Nowhere Man can fetch.”
“Yeah, ask me for anything.”
“A Pen.”
Suddenly, a second later, Oz was holding a pen.
“A Baseball.”
Oz threw it at him. Jotaro caught it. “Can you bring me living things?”
“How about a table?”
Oz sighed, “No.”
“Did you get stabbed with the arrow?”
“What...I-I don't think so. I used it on Kars.”
“You stabbed Kars with the Arrow?”
“Yeah...It was supposed to kill him.” Jotaro was staring at him like he just did the dumbest thing possible.
“What did it do?”
“I-I don't remember.”
“And Nowhere man can move living creatures?”
“No. He can't. Just pick up stuff within a mile of me...” Jotaro sighed.
“Well, get up. You're all healed. Get dressed and come with me.” Oz sighed. How he could possibly say no for working with this guy?
Oz's Bizarre Adventure Part 2: Speedwagon
I've been playing Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: Eyes of Heaven, I decided to bring this back.
This takes place after the mission is over and deals with Oz working for the Speedwagon Foundation.
For those of you that have no idea what this means:

Stand Name: Nowhere Man

User: Oz Osbourne

Destructive Power A

Speed A

Range E

Durability E

Precision C

Developmental Potential B
Ability: Stand can fetch nonliving, small objects within a few hundred feet of the user


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“Cross roads are places of power.” Deadpanned Bill, chewing his stinking tobacco. He spoke in mockery of the radio, the only sound aside from the chewing and the rusty old red pick up that bounced along the rocky road. Abe leaned back against the stale leather, thumbing his fingers on the dashboard. They had both windows rolled down in a desperate attempt to fight against the Texas Heat. “Bullshit if I ever heard.” Bill continued, his eyes shown out against his dark skin, made darker by the sun burn which threatened to turn his face into a mass of peeling skin.
“Turn on something else Bill.” Abe sighed, looking at the darkness. Aside from the seeming endless dirt and rock road, there was nothing but darkness beyond the two holes of the truck's lights.
“Nothing else on.” Bill muttered. The twelve channels of static serving to illustrate his point.
“Think the wives will be happy?” Abe asked, blinking to fight off sleep.
“We got ourselves some big deer.” Bill said, gesturing a thumb back at the pick up truck's back which had two buck strapped to the pick up bed. One was a clear shot, a hole in the side of it's head. The other one had a hole in it's neck and a slit throat-not a clean kill. But at the same time it was a kill and Abe's stomach growled at the chance of venison.
“Nice shooting by the way.” Abe said.
“I was drunk!” Bill shot back.
“Still, that was a goddamn mess.” This sort of prodding was always amusing. Abe himself suspected that the buck  he shot was deaf-missed several times before he got the luck shot-turned it's brains into mush. But now they were embarking on the twenty hour drive back home and it was a ride.
“Holy shit.” Bill swore, leaning forward to get a better view at the road. “What the fuck is that?” His voice was more one of shock.
“What?” Abe looked forward, unable to see whatever the thing was.
“Up ahead-beyond the lights.”
There was a shape in the darkness, Abe reached back for his rifle. It looked like the outline of a human, pale and almost glowing in contrast to the darkness that surrounded it. But it's head was just odd. It looked like it had a bush of some sort growing out of it's head. Bill stared in confusion as Abe loaded up his old rifle-a remmington that his grandfather, followed by his father and now Abe raised the gun, preparing himself to fire. “What's on it's head?”
“Looks like a hat?” Abe said, it was more of a question than any sort of response.  “Don't fucking hit it!” He shrieked. Luckily, Bill didn't-not for his wild swerving, but more for the fact the thing had vanished-quickly walking off the road into the brush, when they drove past Abe hada horrific feeling he saw two large, white saucer eyes hidden among the brambles-gazing at the car.
Bill and Abe drove in a terrifying silence for the next four hours. Both had theories on what that thing was-some inbred fuckwit that got lost, a teen lost playing a prank, none of the two wanted to suggest that might be the devil, or a devil, at least. Wether or not the morning star hisself crawled his way out of hell was not their concern.
“Abe-” Bill's voice broke the silence, “I gotta piss man-I ain't pissing my pants.” He whispered, his fear making the forty something year old sound like a newborn. Abe glanced back at the road behind them, in the faint red glow of the truck's taillights, he didn't see anything. They always took a forested road to go hunting, and the way back was deprived of any gas stations or rest stops.
“Alright.” He told Abe, fighting back the fear himself. He was not going to freak out over something he probab-didn't see. “Get out-go in front of the lights.”
Bill pulled off in the side of the road, got out and unzipped his pants. He stood in the light of the headlights, pissing. He looked around wildly, like expecting a tiger to come out at him more and more with each second that passed.
“You done yet?” Abe called out,
“No.” Came the response. It took a minute for Bill to finish, getting back in the car when a voice called out.
“You done yet?”
It was slightly trembling-panicky and impatient, like it had spent too long waiting for someone to finish.
It was Abe's voice.
Bill froze. “What the fuck is that?” He hissed, before it repeated-exactly the same with Abe's intonation. It was getting closer, coming from the brush on the opposite side of the road.
“Drive!” Screamed Abe, Bill snapping out of his trance and stomping on the gas as the brush began to move, parting to let something through.
They didn't see what it was.
“You done yet?” The voice cried out once more, vanishing into the distance as the car tore down the road, the two men in hysterics.
“C-Calm down man. It's only an hour to home.” Abe gripped his gun so hard that his hands bled, only relaxing when the forest ceased to surround them and even then, it was only so he could turn around and aim his rifle at the trees in the morning light. Several times he thought he saw a bright light-like a search light-pass through the ferns.
They made it home without a hitch. Bill went to his house and Abe to his. He made love to his wife and told her about what happened.
“What was it?” She asked, looking at him with an interest-was this another one of his stories? The fear in his face seemed real as he babbled on.
Finally, he managed to go to sleep at one in the morning when he heard a voice speaking outside his window. It was muffled-probably a robber. Abe reached into his nightstand, drawing the old revolver-it was loaded too as he crept downstairs, when he heard it from the Kitchen.
“Hey, you done yet?”
Bill stared blankly at the television the next day. Abe had put a bullet in his skull after putting one in his wife's.
“Dammit Bill.” He swore, before he heard it from the front door.
“Hey, you done yet?”
Hey, You done yet?
A short little thing to make sure I'm still relevant.
I'm still alive, unfortunately, I'm just not feeling this site, ya know? I'm sort of in a writer's block phase.
Also, before one of you guys goes after :iconfuckyoupeople: I'd like to point out the following: With a name like that, what do you honestly expect? 
So, I have seen Batman Versus Superman: Dawn of Justice. It's essentially DC trying to copy Marvel's cinematic universe, though between you and me they're taking the unique strategy of going essentially from Iron Man to Avengers. And it certainly has a decent set up. They're combining aspects of the Dark Knight Returns, The Death Of Superman, Superman: Grounded, The New 52's start of dark side and some god awful fanfiction. 
Now, I'm not going to spoil this movie, though trust me, if you want to know, pm me. It's not worth seeing. I mean, there are somethings they do REALLY well...Which, of course are the things you see the least, so unfortunately I just cannot give any justification for why it would benefit someone to see this movie.
And remember, I'm a die hard comic book fan boy. So yes, there will be "So & So would never do that!"
- Special effects are great, like Avengers level, even if it was mostly lasers and explosions.
- They toned down the whole "Superman is Jesus" stuff from the Man Of Steel.
- The Fact Captain America Civil War was a trailer before the movie, giving hope that "Yes Viriginia, there ARE good comic book movies being made right now."
- Neil Degrasse Tyson has a good cameo-They're having a Frank Miller-ish discussion on TV with folks debating the good-ness of Superman. 
- Superman is a really well done, like they got the Big Blue Boy Scout right. Superman, when written right is about a God trying to fit in with Mortals. He's not as strong as he needs to be to save everything and he's desperately trying to do right. So, in the twenty minutes of screen time he gets, Henry Caville shows that he can in fact show the true man of steel.
-There's a great scene in the middle where we see Clark and Johnathan Kent talking, for someone who hated how Pa Kent was done, this scene really showed the heart of Superman, and the sort of conversations that would come up.
- Doomsday is actually suprisingly good. I mean, he's still sort of the "Well, since we can't have Superman punching the crap out of Lex Luther (as much as that would improve the movie.) Let's just throw Doomsday in there." In most interpetations, Doomsday's this big spiky Hulk Wannabe. In this one, they actually make it so he adapts to damage, so it's not "We nuked him and he's still coming," It's "We nuked him and now he breathes fire."
- Wonder Woman is in this Movie, and while she's sort of pointless, She has two great scenes, and a pretty catchy theme song.
-The start of the scene, which has scenes of Kid Bruce Wayne running away from the funerals intercut with images of Joe Chill shooting his parents (Okay, why the heck did his parents even go through Crime Alley? I'm sorry, but maybe that was a bad idea on their part?) and it was really well done until the part where he starts flying on a cloud of Bats. I swear I am not joking.
- There's a nice little shot of in the Bat Cave, there's a Robin suit that has the Words "I played a joke on you" or something like that spray painted on-a nice little nod to the Joker's murder of Jason Todd.
Nerd Rage incoming.
If you are a Batman movie, do not see this movie. Like, specifically avoid this movie. The took Batman, put their dicks in his eye sockets and skull fucked the character.
1. The Batsuit just doesn't look good. It's basically the one from Dark Knight Returns but, that one had the excuse of Batman having no neck and the physical build of a Lego. He's basically wearing tight-ass pajamas, with a headless bat stuck on his chest, and he even has the little panda ears....PANDA MAN! I'd actually say that even the George Clooney's suit with Bat Nipples was better.
2. Bruce Wayne is just sort of a broody child, he comes off more as a dude who's just whining at Superman. "Do you bleed? You will!" And you honestly got to feel for Superman that he's got this asshat gunning for him. I mean, Bats for about ninety percent of the movie is essentially just shouting mean things at Superman. It comes off More as All Star Batman and Robin which is NOT good thing.
3. The opening of the film is just sort of badly done. It's there to give Bruce Wayne a reason to hate Superman. And it's enough to say "Hey, a ton of people died in that fight and it's something I don't like." Which makes sense. But nope, from what I could gather, Bruce Wayne hears there's an Alien brawl so, it seems like He got personally airlifted to Metropolis as there was this essentially 9/11 level amount of chaos going on, proceeded to go on a joy ride across Town just so he could be there to hug a little girl and realize that some of his workers were in the building that just collapsed...Even though that dead guy should have probably told everyone to leave the building the moment that he noticed two physical titans were fighting through the air.
4. Batman likes to pass his time by having weirdass dream sequences. There's like five "Oh, it was all just a dream!" Moments in the film. Let me repeat, there is padding in a two and half hour movie. First of all, there's the aforementioned flying on a cloud of bats bit, Then while he's waiting for something to download, he zones out. And then we get his little mad Max style fantasy where he fights against the evil tyranny of SUperman, only to get punched in the head by a random Parademon. (Parademons, are soldiers of Darkseid, the leader of essentially a Hell dimension-think of him as DC's Thanos. Why does this show up? Why does Batman dream of Darkseid? Hell if I know.) What the hell is going on? Maybe DC's going to try to build up to essentially Injustice. And then, he dreams that this weird red guy MAYBE the Flash shows up and feeds him a line about how he's right about SUperman, and then there's this random scene where he is mauled by essentially Man Bat (A giant human bat monster.) who was somehow hiding in his mother's crypt. There are NO indications these are dream sequences. Pure and Simple filler.
5. Batman kills people. I'm not talking like the "I'm not going to save you," or "I'm going to knock you out and leave you tied up in a city full of serial killers." This Batman racks up one helluva a body count. I KNOW that Michael Keaton's Batman killed some people, and I know seventy years ago, Batman was slightly more murderous. But we're talking Shooting folks in the face, running guys over in the Batmobile, minguns, Knifes to the heart. He is actually aiming to kill folks in this movie. The problem with that is Batman's only real claim to moral superiority (Let's face it, he's just as insane as his rogue's gallery) is that he refuses to kill. And taking away that one rule? He's a hypocrite. He's got no moral ground to stand upon in this universe.
6. On top of forgetting about his one rule, The movie firmly removes ALL morality from the character. Batman, simply enough is a dick. He's sadistic, and during his fight with Superman, tortures the hero after dousing him with Kryptonite. He literally throws a grenade into a room full of mooks. He's just despicable and for me, it was impossible to go "Oh, he's a hero." I mean, when I heard that he branded particularly bad criminals I thought that was harsh...But this guy's just a sadistic, malicious dick.
7. The reason why he suddenly becomes a good guy is the dumbest reason ever. Like, it's not "Hey, look! That's Doomsday...We should probably team up." It's...It's...Gah! I don't want to spoil it but it is literally the most contrived Bull you'll ever hear!
8. Bruce Wayne is Batman. And he is about as subtle as a cinderblock with it. How has no one noticed that the guy who speaks in cryptic, implied threats whenever someone asks him about the crazy mass murderer in Gotham ?
9. He's utterly, completely useless. Seriously, all he does is get in the other super hero's way! I mean, Doomsday, Wonderwoman and Superman are going at each other and Batman's just standing there doing jack-all. This is the problem with Batman and Superman, Batman's the calm cunning mind, but when you forget that and go Frank Miller on him, all it does is seem like Batman IS a horrible man and a psycho who needs to get shut down.
10. The Bat Voice...It's not as bad as Christian Bale's but, it sort of sounds half like he got a tracheotomy and half like he's mumbling into a microphone.
-Can someone kick Jesse Eisenberg out of this film? I know they justify it by saying "Oh! It's fine, he's just Alexander Luthor, not actually Lex Luthor, Lex Luthor was his dad." To which I say I want a DNA test as proof. Jesse Eisenberg is not Lex Luthor, instead he's Jesse Eisenberg playing that one quirky kid in high school who likes to act like he's got something everyone else doesn't but in reality is just an annoying brat. And when he actually shaves his head? He looks like a Rat-man. Not threatening. Not Lex Luthor, not even a good choice.
- The crux of the film is that Superman saves Lois from some terrorists. However, all the terrorists get shot. So, of course everyone assumes that the guy who can fly, is bullet proof and essentially invincible walked in with a gun and just filled everyone full of lead. This plot point only gets dumber.
- This movie is banking HARD on the whole "Is Superman evil?" edge, to the point of foreshadowing Injustice. The debate on wether or not the world can trust Superman. The problem? 
1. Superman literally does nothing in this film BUT help people. You can't have an image of him saving a little girl from a burning building and then ask "Is he a good guy?"
2. We've only had ONE movie in this universe. They're trying to do the whole absolute power deal with Superman, but unfortunately, they've failed to fully build up Superman as the symbol of Hope he is. Part of the horror of Superman being a tyrant is that he is a symbol of hope-and honestly? The movies fail to really build that up. It's a rushed job.
- It's just too damn dark. Everyone's an asshole, nothing good happens to any of the characters. Make it dark, make it gritty, but for God's sakes, can you tell one joke? As a result, I was honestly apathetic just from sheer "Oh! Look! We're gritty! See? Marvel isn't gritty like DC is gritty!" It's the same problem that DC's always suffered with.
- So, they tease the Justice League. And guess how they do it? It's essentially Batman watching youtube videos of all of the heroes. It's padding! And literally interrupts the final bad just so they can get some extra heroes in for the sequel!
It's awful. Don't watch this movie, just don't.


Okay, I like the concept, not exactly sure if the idea of a stand breaking apart to reveal it's user is original, but I like it. As for...


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