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September 17, 2012
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Last time: Sh*t got real.  Latias had a strange dream in which she was wed to the Ghost King, and recounted her memories
LAtias: I remember a Lunchbox, A korean pop song, and a safety cone....then it just got wierd.
since her flight from Alto Mare and her intentions to find Professor Oak to protect her.
Nukerjsr, if you want to see the other movies all you have to do is go to your local Blockbuster and rent them.
Story Weaver1, I make no promises about couplings  
Troy: However, there will be sex.
(Although I do favor Pokeshipping myself) but I'm pretty sure Latias and Ash aren't getting together.
Ash and Magikarp on the other hand....
Super Hurricane, never fear, The Tooth Fairy is real. the Ghost King is a real Pokemon. And the reason he didn't wait for Latias to die is because she's a legendary, meaning she has a lifespan of a few centuries. He might not want to wait that long. Also, he doesn't have a wife, so the position of Ghost Queen is still open. I'm not going to kill off everyone…and it never occurred to me to use Gastly from Maiden's Rock, but I have someone far more powerful in mind to help Latias.
Disclaimer: All characters owned by Game Freaks and Nintendo. The Silica region and Omnian belong to me.

Professor Oak muttered to himself as he typed up a document. "Just a few more words…there! Finished my report on the Dragonite migration patterns. Let's see the other scientists laugh at me now when I present this baby at the next conference, heh heh…"
He was interrupted from his daydreams of laughing maniacally at his colleagues, all of whom were bowing to him to demonstrate their inferiority, by a feminine voice saying "Ring ring ring, ring ring ring, phone call! Phone call! Ring ring ring, ring ring ring, phone call! Phone call!"
"Tracey, can you get that?" Oak yelled. There was no response. The phone kept repeating its annoying verbal ring like a broken record. "Tracey?"
In another part of the lab, the professor's raven-haired assistant was busy trying to keep a stack of boxes full of Pokemon chow he was carrying from toppling over. "I'm a little busy right now, Professor!"
"Oh fine, I'll get it myself." He picked up the phone. "Hello?"
To his surprise, the picture of a pink creature wearing a shell crown appeared on the video screen. "Is this Professor Oak?"
Troy: That performance enhancer had some strange side effects.
The professor reared back in surprise. "You're a Sloking!"
Sloking rolled his eyes. "Yes, and you're a human."
"And you're talking! And…" Oak paused, looking over the creature's pink body. "And you're wearing pants!"
Sloking:....Do you want to see my prince-maker?
Sloking looked down at the khakis he was wearing. A hole had been ripped out in the back to make room for his wagging tail. "So I am. I got tired of freezing all the time from sea spray or cold winds so I got something to keep my nether regions warm, but that's really not important. Are you truly Professor Oak? I thought he was one of the smartest humans around, who would surely remember meeting a rare talking Pokemon like myself."
Oak blinked. "Wait! I remember you! I met you back on Shamouti Island, after those elemental birds went berserk and the world nearly froze over!"
Oak:....I kind of hit the fairy dust after that.
"Yes, I'm surprised it took you so long to remember me."
Oak laughed a little from embarrassment. "Well, I suppose I'm getting a little forgetful in my old age."
"Being immortal, that will thankfully never happen to me," said Sloking. "Anyway, it is of great importance that I speak to the Chosen One immediately. The fate of the world may be at stake."
"Er…Ash isn't here right now. He's in the Hoenn region, With his boyfriend Gary." said Oak, slightly worried.
Sloking frowned. "Hoenn? Where's that?"
"South of here, past the Orange islands. What do you need to talk to him so badly about anyway?"
Sloking got a grave look on his face. "All four great birds are missing."
Oak was surprised. "All of them?"
Sloking: Even Tweety bird.
Oak: Big Bird?
Sloking: Elmo strangeled him.

"Yes. It's not uncommon for one of the three birds of fire, ice, or lightning to leave occasionally to get some fresh air away from the others, but they all departed at once recently to stretch their wings out in Johto. The Guardian took this as a sign that nothing would go wrong if he took a little vacation, so he headed over to the Whirl Islands to visit his wife and child. That was six months ago. None of them have returned since then. I got worried a few weeks ago and sent a message to the Whirl Islands by Wingull, but none of the Lugia family has been seen anywhere near there for months."
The professor had a frown on his face. "That does seem odd."
Sloking nodded. "I fear some terrible force has captured the birds, like that Collector endeavored to years ago. If this is so, then the world is in danger once again. None of the prophecies I know of speak of this, so I thought the best thing to do was get in contact the Chosen One and see if he could handle things from there."
Oak sighed. "Well, Ash is in the Hoenn region so I don't think he can be of much help at the moment, but I'll leave a message with the Joys down there to tell him he's needed back home as soon as possible. Will that be all right?"
The mystic Pokemon nodded in relief. "It will have to do for now. Thank you for your help, Professor."
"No problem, it's all in a day's work. I just hope this is nothing but a big misunderstanding."
"So do I, Professor. So do I." Sloking hung up.
Oak had barely a second to mull over the possible implications of the absence of the legendary birds when a pink and blue avian of a different sort appeared on his computer screen. "Professor, Omnian has detected an airborne object coming towards us at high speeds," said the Porygon2.
Oak frowned. "Show me."
A radar picture appeared on the screen, showing a small wedge-shaped figure flying towards Pallet Town from the southwest. "Sensors indicate the object has lower body temperature than a human, so it could be a Pokemon of some sort or some other unidentified flying object. Shall I activate the defense systems?"
The professor leaned back and stroked his chin. "No, not yet. Let's see what this thing's intentions are before we activate Omnian. It could just be a low-flying Dragonite or some other high-speed Pokemon."
Get the windshield.
"Whatever you say, Professor."

this is Pallet Town, thought Latias. She was hovering invisibly over the tiny hamlet to remain undetected from the populace. It's a lot smaller than I expected. I would have thought the boy destined to be the world's greatest Pokemon master would come from a bigger place. Then again, maybe small wasn't so bad, she admitted to herself. From what she could see of the people and Pokemon walking about, Pallet Town looked to be a peaceful, happy place. Much like Alto Mare…Until we drop the nuke.
She clamped down on that thought like a vice before it could stir any tears. She had cried enough in the last week. Alto Mare was gone.
Hawk: It didn't last a month.
Troy: What did you do?

She had to be strong for the future. She was certain her brother (and, a smaller part of her mind added, Ash as well) would approve.
Looking across the town, she saw a large house atop a hill with a windmill growing from it. It had a massive field behind it filled with DEATH! beautiful flowers, trees, and numerous species of Pokemon. Recalling that one episode of Lifestyles of the Studious and Intelligent, she knew this was Professor Oak's laboratory estate. She immediately dove towards it, startling a group of Pidgey by breezing past them.
Just as she was almost there, a delectable scent wafted into her nostrils. She stopped in midair, trying to get a better sniff of the odor. It smelled like…like fresh apple pie, right out of the oven and sitting on a windowsill. Her stomach grumbled and her mouth watered. The most she had eaten recently was a few berries. An apple pie would go down really well about now.
Hawk: With some beer.
She flew away from the laboratory, questing for the source of the delicious smell. She soon arrived at a small, peaceful house. Her attention was drawn to the open window facing the backyard and the steaming pie sitting on its sill. She was about to grab the pie and stuff it gluttonously down her throat when she was suddenly reminded of an encounter she had with Lorenzo's father back when she was still just a little Pokemon, only a couple of years hatched from the egg.

Troy: She ate it.
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